Season of Discovery

Senior Game Producer is “over the moon” with faction balance in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Dev Josh Greenfield is “over the moon” with the faction balance: “It’s better than almost any sustained period in wow history.”

Last year, during the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery launch, Tom Ellis said they got a lot of feedback about faction balance on PvP servers since WoW Classic. He shared the plan for Season of Discovery’s PvP servers, mentioning they added some “extra seasoning” to ensure they maintain faction balance as they grow. They promised to make sure factions stay balanced on PvP servers and may set a limit to stop new characters from joining if needed.

Josh Greenfield clarified the details of their server balancing approach for the Season of Discovery in a Twitter thread, responding to players of the game:

This statistic doesn’t include overall character creation but focuses on daily login numbers, providing a more practical insight into how faction populations impact the game.