StarCraft 3 is “in development” according to insider

Blizzard is reportedly working on StarCraft 3 according to trusted insider journalist Jez Corden.

During a Twitter Q&A session with Corden, hints were dropped about the development of StarCraft 3. When a follower asked if Microsoft was interested in revitalizing StarCraft after their acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Corden responded that it would no longer be necessary. In response to another Twitter user’s question about the existence of StarCraft 3, he replied, “yes.”

While Corden’s response may be somewhat vague, fans can cautiously hope for the return of their favorite science fiction real-time strategy franchise. After all, Corden has proven accurate in his past predictions, such as Redfall. Recently, Blizzard launched Diablo 4, a sequel that fans had been eagerly awaiting for over a decade. Both StarCraft and Diablo have been around since the 1990s and are part of Blizzard’s longest-running IPs.