This WoW player who exclusively uses a touchpad has millions of views with over 40,000 hours of gameplay.

This World of Warcraft player is currently going viral on TikTok. ‘Touchpadwarrior,’ has gained recognition for his exceptional commitment to the MMORPG and his unique approach to enjoying the game. What sets Touchpadwarrior apart is that he has been playing World of Warcraft for an astounding 17 years using only a wireless keyboard with a touchpad, without the use of a mouse like most players.

However, he has taken his gaming prowess even further by sharing his method through TikTok. Despite being right-handed, he has mastered the ability to play the game proficiently using his left hand. In his video, he explains that he adjusted the sensitivity of the touchpad to serve as a substitute for a mouse, enabling smooth movement.


Since I’ve got a lot of questions on how I play World of Warcraft on this touchpad keyboard here’s a video #worldofwarcraft #touchpad #gaming #warcraft #wow #fyp

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The WoW player acknowledges the availability of alternative options, he personally chose to stick with his touchpad due to finding a traditional mouse uncomfortable to use at present. The video showcasing his gameplay with the touchpad has already amassed over 1.4 million views