VIDEO: CRITICAL BUG! Crits do not deal damage to absorbs

Nobody is surprised that there are bugs in World of Warcraft Classic, but this bug did attract us!
Apparently Priests (with Power Word Shield) are imuum against MELEE critical damage. Spells such as frost bolts work great, just like ranged hunter damage, says editor ZyrkConan

Hey, nice to see someone posted my clip. Let me shed some light on this bug. This only affects MELEE critical damage to the priests power word shield. Spell critical damage such as frost bolts work correct. Also hunter ranged damage works correct. Mages ice barrier, mana shields and warlocks absorb mechanics work correct.

So it looks like this is a very specific bug to melee vs power word shield. I found this out because I got owned against all priests even though I used recklessness, which should give me a fighting chance.

You can see my damage on the right side of the screen. You can know I am critting all hits durign recklessness, because theres the “splash” sound that deep wounds proc makes.