Fan Made Warcraft 2 Remaster

A team of modders has set off toremaster Warcraft 2’scampaign using the tools provided by Warcraft 3: Reforged. Chronicles of the Second War, a WC2: Tides of Darkness remake is in testing and already has 4 missions ready.

The teaser video already shows a lot of detail, including new custom models representing some of the heroes from Warcraft 2


“We aim to recreate the campaign of WarCraft II in Reforged, giving it fresh gameplay, custom assets and extended lore. The project was set in motion for years before Reforged even came out, meaning that a solid foundation is set in place. This is a tremendous task which requires a lot of skill, resources and time. Everything is put into motion and we have a solid “pool” of assets so far.” team member ShadiHD