Will the Unused mount from vanilla finally release in 8.2.5

A rare mount is something that every WoW player wants, and especially this Bengal Tiger!
Reins of the Bengal Tiger and 3 different mounts are mounts that appeared in the Beta of WoW but never made it to the retail version.

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A few weeks ago the PTR update has added some data to the Bengal Tiger included Jenafur. In this build Reins of the Bengal Tiger got Epic status and the label “Alliance Only”

On the website WoWHead the user Karzy5 started to post comments that he was in possession of this mount. Although the credibility of a comment is difficult to trust but the Jenafur secret this week has linked Amara Lunastar to the kitty.

They also have one attached profile, Lunastar on Muradin, and the Battle.net Armory shows that they own the Reins of the Bengal Tiger mount, confirmed by some in-game pictures sent to Wowhead staff today. As the player has the same name as Amara Lunastar, an undead Night Elf who owns Jenafur, we’re not sure if the Reins of the Bengal Tiger would also be related to 8.2.5 secrets.

The Official Blizzard armory shows they own this mount, this confirms that the screenshots are legit and not a photoshop. However, this does not confirm that the character, their Wowhead comments, or mounts are related to the hunt for Jenafur.