World of Warcraft 10.1.7 will add major cosmetic options for Engineers

World of Warcraft is introducing new achievements for players who specialize in Engineering. These achievements unlock various goggles for all classes. These cosmetic items let players change the appearance of their Engineering goggles, offering a range of colors for different armor types.

Currently in development, Patch 10.1.7, titled Fury Incarnate, is bringing exciting additions to the game. This update includes new Heritage Armor quests, improvements to gameplay experience, and more options for personalizing characters.

For Engineering enthusiasts, this content update brings a rewarding feature. Five Engineering achievements will debut in the patch, each leading to a cosmetic set. Players can earn these Chromatic Calibration achievements by crafting various types of goggles for different armor categories. Upon completing these achievements, players can apply any goggle color to any class, regardless of their armor type.

Source: Wowhead

The following types of goggles are associated with the Chromatic Calibration achievements in World of Warcraft Patch 10.1.7:

1. Bio-Optic Killshades – 7 goggles across 4 colors.
2. Retinal Armor – 7 items in 6 different colors.
3. Cranial Cannon – 12 entries in 4 shades.
4. Ectoplasmic Specs – 4 goggles in 4 colors.
5. Holo-Gogs – A total of 34 items across 11 colors.

Please note that these achievements and items are still on the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm, so changes may occur before the official release. Details about the transmog process also remain uncertain, including whether players need Engineering as a profession or if it’s accessible without it. It’s also unclear if previous crafting efforts will contribute to earning the achievement, or if re-crafting is necessary after Patch 10.1.7.