World of Warcraft Classic get’s her first update with Dire Maul

After a month and a half World of Warcraft: Classic gets her first update, many players have now reached the max level of 60 and are ready for new content.
That is why World of Warcraft: Classic is making a leap to 2005 and comes with a new (old) dungeon: Dire Maul!

Dire Maul is a 5-man dungeon and has three wings, Dire Maul East, Dire Maul West, & Dire Maul North / Tribute Run

You can find Dire Maul north of The High Wilderness of Feralas and is accessible for both Alliance and Horde.

Hopefully player will have enough content before Phase 2 arrives. Phase 2 will add the Honor System, making World PVP more lucrative for players. Next to that, the World Bosses Azuregos and Lord Kazzak will be added. Furthermore the key ring will be added, so we don’t have to keep all those keys in our bank.

DM = DeadMines or Dire Maul? Let us know