World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic PTR hints at new zone ‘The Searing Basin’

There appears to be a new zone in World of Warcraft Classic called The Searing Basin, and it seems it could be exclusive to Classic Servers.

A recent find by World of Warcraft content creator MrGM on the Classic Hardcore PTR revealed a new location in a dialogue. Globlin NPC Gurgthock talked about a place called The Searing Basin.

Currently, the game files label the Searing Basin as a Dungeon instance, but players haven’t been given access to it yet. Despite being on the Hardcore PTR, it might be a feature for World of Warcaft Classic Season of Discovery or the Era servers.

Gurgthock’s dialogue hints it could be a dueling arena for Classic Hardcore characters or a free-for-all PvP zone. According to Wowpedia, The NPC Gurgthock made his first appearance at the Laughing Skull Ruins in Nagrand in Outland. In almost every expansion where he shows up, there is a consistent theme of encouraging a tournament-style series of side quests that involve engaging boss battles.

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