Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft dev discusses 40-Player Raids in Season of Discovery Final Phase

Dexerto interviewed Lead Software Engineer Nora Valletta and Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield about Season of Discovery, covering the Blood Moon Event, PvP, GDKP ban, and the game’s future.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, a topic of discussion was the 40-man raids. The developer confirmed that these raids will be there, but there might be some changes inspired by the Season of Discovery. Greenfield explained the ideas behind raiding in the future phases.

Season of Discovery

Greenfield noted that many players prefer a return to 40-player raiding, while others are devoted to the idea of sticking with 10-player raids forever. The Senior Game Producer emphasized that there is no objectively correct decision; it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

“What we’re trying to do is not take anything away from anyone. Those raids that were 40-player will likely stay 40-player. Now, will they look exactly the same? Hard to say and that’s not something we’re ready to talk about right now.”

Greenfield told Dexerto, but there are some things the producer can share: “There are some things you can expect to stay the same and there are some things that will change a lot. There will be some form of 40-player raiding at some point.”

Make sure to check out the full interview, where they discuss the GDKP Ban, PvP, and more about Season of Discovery future, here.