World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is giving a major upgrade to its ships

World of Warcraft is giving a makeover to some of its Alliance ships in Patch 10.2.5, known as Seeds of Renewal. Though it might seem like a small tweak, it could be the beginning of a gradual world revamp in The Worldsoul Saga.

MrGM, a WoW content creator, have shared images from the Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Public Test Realm. These images reveal upgrades to the original low-quality ships used by the Alliance for fast travel between different parts of the world. The older ships, dating back to Vanilla, now sport modern, high-definition versions.

While many ships in World of Warcraft already have high-quality models, like those heading to the Battle for Azeroth zones or the Dragon Isles, the older ships were overdue for an upgrade, as seen in the significant improvement in their quality. As of now, the zeppelins used by the Horde have not received a new model in the Patch 10.2.5 PTR. There’s a possibility that new models for these blimps might be introduced in later builds.