World of Warcraft might change forever, without factions and levels reversed to 60

From the beginning of time, at least one thing is clear in the Warcraft- universe. You have the Horde and Alliance and although they sometimes work together against a common enemy, they always end up facing each other again.

In Battle for Azeroth, the emphasis was once again placed on this dual battle, but it could just be that this is a thing of the past. Various leaks and an important cinematic from patch 8.2 that came out with Rise of Azshara hint at a completely different World of Warcraft than we are used to.

Blizzard has previously indicated that Sylvannas would not be a Garrosh 2.0 in terms of story, but as it looks now this is almost inevitable.

Baine, the king of the Tauren, has made Sylvannas angry by helping Jaina’s brother, making the Tauren the enemy of the Horde. After Sylvannas previously set fire to Telldrasil and then sacrificed Undercity, she would not be afraid to destroy Thunder Bluff.
Baine had already been captured but was released in 8.2 by Jaina and Thrall, two respected characters from the Alliance and Horde.

Thrall was absent for a while after being very ashamed of several decisions, but he is now back to rectify everything. So it seems that Thrall and Jaina are going to fight against Sylvannas and let’s assume that we win and Sylvannas is defeated. This would mean that Thrall of Baine is likely to become the leader of the Horde and Anduin remains the Alliance. Then we would have two leaders who get along well with each other and so there does not have to be a battle between Horde and Alliance. As you can see in the cinematic below, Thrall and Jaina even say they are friends and friends don’t fight. We might never see a Horde and Alliance again with Thrall and Jaina leading one giant group that defends Azeroth and lives in piece, fighting of threats together indefinitely. This would be weird, but somewhat awesome at the same time. If we want Horde vs. Alliance, we can play Classic, right?

Besides, there were several leaks recently that indicate that World of Warcraft could also have a completely new system in addition to alliances. Through a leaked Q&A we learn that players were asked how they would like a level squish to decrease the total number of levels that would be needed to play the current content. You can see this image below.

Because of this, the rumour mill has started to run and people think that World of Warcraft can change completely. It is possible that Blizzard chooses to reduce the maximum level to 60 and that the available zones can be seen as separate stories where the player can get rewards and levels but can do this in his own way.

What if you could simply do any zone whenever you want, then you could level in the zone that seems most interesting to you. The technology to adjust opponents and xp based on level is already there. More recent MMOs like The Elder Scrolls Online already use such a system and make it work. Players can go wherever they want and still get good rewards, Blizzard undoubtedly sees this too.

The recent cinematic in which Thrall and Jaina work together only adds to this, with the knowledge that N’Zoth also plays a role in the story. The Old God can change a lot in the world. It is possible that N’Zoth causes the world to be turned upside down and the Alliance and Horde, led by Thrall and Anduin, will work together forever, with Sylvannas and N’Zoth as the first enemies.

It could just be that we hear next Blizzon that we get a sort of second Cataclysm in which the factions change completely, everyone goes back to a lower level and there will no longer be a direct Horde and Alliance battle.

We feel that it could be very interesting, but are also a bit scared for what is to come. How weird would it be if an Orc could be Alliance and a Night Elf be Horde. Non the less, we are very excited to see what is to come for World of Warcraft, and we must say that we are very intrigued by the way Blizzard is setting up the story. There is a certain mystery surrounding the story right now, leaving a lot to speculation and we enjoy that a lot. How do you feel about the possible changes? Lets us know on Facebook or the comments below!

World of Warcraft is going to have an interesting time in any case with World of Warcraft Classic, which will be released on 27 August.