World of Warcraft player uses game-breaking bug to take down teammates with a single shot from 2,000 yards

A bug has been discovered by a World of Warcraft player, enabling them to instantly defeat many of their Horde allies and even some of the game’s most significant lore characters.

Rextroy, an enthusiast of dealing massive damage, revealed on YouTube that they learned about the glitch from a simple picture posted on a forum. The image depicted a player being struck by 16 festering wounds spells simultaneously, whereas the game’s intended limit is six per target, and four with the Apocalypse talent.

Excited to replicate the image themselves, the World of Warcraft content creator engaged in theory-crafting using different spells, talents, and strategies but made no progress. Eventually, they came across another forum post containing a video that provided the necessary hints to reproduce the bug. Unfortunately, the hint was disheartening: a pet needed to die for it to work. Even more distressing, Rextroy later found out that two pets needed to perish to trigger this sinister bug.