Season of Discovery

Season of Discovery players asking for a longer first phase: ‘bet most haven’t reached level 25.’

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery players are asking for an extension of the first phase.

In the initial stage of the Season of Discovery, players can now level up to 25 instead of the usual 60. This brings new endgame adventures like the Blackfathom Deeps raid and the Battle for Ashenvale. The idea is to allow more people, especially casual players, to reach the maximum level and play with their friends. While this has been appreciated by many, hardcore players are expressing concerns that there isn’t sufficient content as the game has been around for a while.

Now, players are using Reddit to request Blizzard to prolong the first phase.

Phase 1 should stay a while
byu/Platypustamer1337 inclassicwow

‘I Would bet the average player haven’t hit 25 yet and a reasonable release would be maybe 2 weeks after the average player has had maybe 3 tunes at 25? Other than people actually having enough time to try a few classes (which is at least half the point of sod) People should be able to raid bfd a few Times on several toons and do some pvp’ the player wrote on Reddit.

We don’t have a set date for the second phase yet, but there’s talk it might come around mid-January 2024. With a great player population, many are eagerly awaiting its arrival. What do you think, and how long do you think a season should last? Share your opinion in the comments below!