World of Warcraft Enlighted Hearthstone

World of Warcraft players discover a hidden toy secret

World of Warcraft players recently found new toy from the Shadowlands expansion, one of the last added in the game since the introduction of Zereth Mortis.

Via the WoW Secrets Discord server, players joined forces to unveil the Enlightened Hearthstone. This Hearthstone variant shares the same casting time and cooldown as other Hearthstones but features a stylish new animation.

The secret hunters unraveled that the Enlightened Hearthstone is tucked away behind a straightforward group puzzle within Zereth Mortis. To unveil it, six players must use the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation Toy (you while stand on top on the six pillars encircling the Forge of Afterlives at the map’s center.

When all 6 players use the toy simultaneously, a chat message will announce “The Ponderer’s Portal has been opened.” Go to the southern hexagon pillar, and collect the Enlighted Hearthstone toy from the glowing white sphere-shaped portal.

No need for the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation toy to get the Enlightened Hearthstone. Just bring together 6 people with the toy to summon the Ponderer’s Portal. Once it’s active, anyone can click it.

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