World of Warcraft Players spot new feature in The War Within’s Warbands

World of Warcraft players have noticed their characters chilling on the new Warbands screen in The War Within Alpha.

Blizzard listened to feedback from players who wanted the game to be more alt-friendly, where they can easily switch characters without having to redo everything. The screen resembles a Diablo character screen and serves as a showcase for your favorite four characters. And yes, Horde and Alliance can coexist within the same Warband. Warbands combine all characters, items, collections, and progress across a player’s account.

Now that The War Within is currently in Alpha mode, the famous World of Warcraft couple Taliesin & Evitel, found their characters relaxing, confirming it wasn’t just a random mistake.

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Blizzard sees Warbands in The War Within as WoW’s future foundation

Warbands, as mentioned by the Game Director Ion Hazzikotas, is a system that Blizzard wants to build the next generations of WoW on.

“You’ll know this is a completely different world, this is a completely different welcome into World of Warcraft. What we showed off at BlizzCon was just actually a UI mock-up, but we’re excited to see people react to the real thing. And really, as with everything else, Warbands are a foundation. This is a system that we want to build the next generations of World of Warcraft on” as mentioned by Ion Hazzikostas on the official WoWCast.

The director of the game stated that this year, all aspects will revolve around your account. “In 2004, WoW Launched with everything character-based. in 2024, WoW is going to shift to everything being account-based.”