World of Warcaft Remix

World of Warcraft punishes players exploiting loot bug, rewards those who didn’t

Blizzard revealed that players of World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria who took advantage of the Gulp Frog farm will see their Cloaks of Infinite Potential weakened.

In Remix, players found farming Gulp Frogs on the Timeless Isle was an efficient way to gather Bronze and threads for the Cloak of Infinite Potential. The publisher quickly nerfed this by removing Lesser Charms of Good Fortune from the frogs’ loot and tracking players who farmed them. Blizzard has now explained on the official World of Warcraft forum that this tracking and announced changes. Players with excessive Gulp Frog kills will have their Cloak’s power reduced, while others will receive three milestone quests awarding a total of 40,000 Bronze.

Kaivax - (source)

We have been monitoring the impact of the Gulp Frog farming that some players did during the first three days of WoW Remix. We’ve also been working on ways to respond to player feedback about Bronze acquisition, increased difficulty at higher levels, and feeling too far behind those who took advantage of the frogs.

A small number of players received an extreme advantage that has distorted the gameplay experience for some in WoW Remix. With hotfixes later today, May 24, we will adjust characters with an unreasonably large number of Gulp Frog kills prior to the loot bug fix, and those players will see the power of their Cloak of Infinite Potential reduced to an amount that a very engaged player could reasonably achieve. This change will have a larger impact on players who took advantage of the situation for longer.

For everyone that did not take advantage of the frog farming, we’re providing three additional quests with large Bronze rewards for reaching levels 50, 60, and 70. These quests will become available from Momentus the item upgrader at the Jade Forest Infinite Bazaar. These milestone quests will grant characters an additional 3,000, 7,000, and 30,000 Bronze, respectively. Level 70 Timerunners will be able to complete all three quests immediately for 40,000 additional Bronze when this change takes effect. Characters that killed an unreasonably large number of Gulp Frogs will not be eligible for these quests.

We believe these milestone quests and the additional Bronze they grant will make playing Remix more rewarding for primary and secondary characters for the duration of the event. Players may choose to use this Bronze to upgrade their gear or purchase cosmetic rewards at the Infinite Bazaar, depending on their personal goals for that character. These milestone quests will be available for all Timerunning characters that are leveled up for the duration of the event.

We will continue to monitor the gameplay landscape of Remix and make improvements as needed. Thank you for your feedback!

So if you are a cheater completer, you are missing out! Because if you benefited from the Gulp Frog farm, your cloak will be nerfed and you won’t get the new quests.