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World of Warcraft reveals Hearthstone Anniversary Event and Self-Found mode release date

Blizzard has announced, via a Blue Post, that the Hearthstone Anniversary event is scheduled for March.

During the Hearthstone Anniversary Event, players can seek out special Hearthstone matches in capital cities. During a unique challenge. players are able to conquer well-known minions to expand your deck and gain other enjoyable rewards with a Hearthstone theme! You are also able to collect a new Fiery Hearthsteed for free!. More details will follow later.

Also, Self-Found mode will be released on 29 February. Solo self-found is a mode for players who avoid any interaction with other players. When following this set of rules, you are not allowed to do the following:

* Trade with other players
* Send or receive mail
* Buy or sell from the auction house

During BlizzCon 2023, they confirmed the introduction of solo self-found for WoW Classic Hardcore, with a scheduled launch window set for 2024. Solo Self-Found (SSF) was already a favored ruleset for Classic servers in World of Warcraft, players are now incorporating the solo self-found approach into their hardcore runs. Some players found the Classic hardcore mode a bit too easy, so this adds an extra layer of complexity to the game!

Make sure to read the entire Blue Post below:

This Week in WoW: 12 February 2024 - (source)


Join in Hearthstone’s 10-year anniversary celebration beginning 11 March. Players can log into Hearthstone to collect a new Fiery Hearthsteed mount inWorld of Warcraftfor free!*

Players can also seek out special “Hearthstone” matches in capital cities from 11 March to 18 March. Stick around long enough and you’ll face a special encounter where you can defeat iconic minions to add to your deck and earn other fun new Hearthstone-themed rewards! More details to come.

Visit the Hearthstoneofficial siteto learn more about the full slate of festivities.

* No additional purchase necessary for the Fiery Hearthsteed mount. Limited-time offer only available to those who login to Hearthstone between 11 March and 14 May. Mount not available in World of Warcraft® Classic games.

WoW Hardcore Self-Found Mode Begins February 29

Survival is the name of the game in Classic Hardcore realms, and while you don’t always have to go it alone, you might just want to. Beginning on 29 February, you can take the leap into a new adventure in Hardcore with Self-Found. In this mode, you’ll begin from level 1 and will be restricted from sending or receiving mail from other players, buying or selling on the Auction House, or trading in any way (including giving or receiving items or enchantments.)

It will all be up to you and your ability to explore, gather, and create everything you need to survive in Azeroth…all on your own.

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