‘This shows how broken World of Warcraft is’: WoW Classic Ring is auctioned for more than $9000

As you all know, World of Warcraft has different versions of the game and Wrath of the Lich King Classic is a popular one, known for its peak time in World of Warcraft history. However, things have changed since then. Some necessary and some controversial changes have been made. Recently, a situation involving an in-game ring highlighted the broken economy in the game.

In a video from World of Warcraft WotLK Classic, a ring was put up for auction using the GDKP system. The bidding started with reasonable amounts, but quickly went up to extremely high numbers. Eventually, the ring was sold for a massive 3 million gold coins.

When converted to real money using WoW tokens, the ring was sold for about €9000. This situation not only seems absurd to many players, but it also reveals a larger problem: the economy in WoW WotLK Classic is in bad shape.