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World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Adding New Reputation Rewards Soon

World of Warcraft Classic is making changes to its reputation rewards in Season of Discovery, game producer Josh Greenfield confirmed plans for exciting additions to “Honored” soon.

In the Season of Discovery, runes have significantly impact each class’s gameplay. Rune Engraving is a new set of skills for all players that exists outside of the talent system. It allows you to apply new abilities to your equipment and swap them at any time. To start at level 25, you’ll have three slots to engrave: chest, legs, and hands, with additional rune slots unlocking at higher levels.

Currently, each class has twelve Runes, one of which can be obtained from the Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance players or Durotar Supply and Logistics for Horde players, once a specific reputation level is reached. World of Warcraft recently lowered the reputation requirement for purchasing these Runes from Honored to Friendly.

Season of Discovery

Some players noted that Runes were among the most significant rewards for reaching Honored with these factions. Consequently, there seemed to be less motivation to continue grinding reputation beyond the Friendly level. In response to a concern raised on Twitter, senior game producer Josh Greenfield acknowledged the feedback and confirmed that developers were planning “to add some interesting things to Honored soon.”