World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft survey confirms immense popularity of Season of Discovery

A recent survey shows that Blizzard’s decision to introduce World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery has paid off, making it the second most popular choice among players.

Players are happy with the game’s positive reception, praising the development team’s quick response to issues. The reduction in the number of servers from the original World of Warcraft Classic has created a lively atmosphere on each playable realm.

Now, Season of Discovery is becoming a top choice for many players. In a poll on Blizzard’s YouTube channel, 41% of over 60,000 respondents said Season of Discovery was their main World of Warcraft game.

Interestingly, despite mixed fan reactions, the mainline version, Dragonflight, remains the top choice. The poll also highlights some changes in the Classic player base.

The game publisher has shared some statistics on Season of Discovery’s launch, including the creation of 4.5 million characters in the first week alone, the collection of over 10 million runes (with less than 0.1% of players obtaining all 12 for their class), class population figures (with Mages in the lead), only 10% of characters reaching the maximum level, and 1.9% of overall characters successfully completing the raid. These statistics provide a comprehensive overview, and further details can be found in the complete video.

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