WoW Community about streamers: “You’re not trying to help the community you just want views”

We’ve all seen the annoying ad texts in the general chat. Lately it has also become a trend that streamers try to lure people to get more viewers in this way, but that is no longer accepted by the community.

User trrow96 posted a post on Reddit to vent his frustration. He said the following:

Along with advertisements for carries for gold, all these streamers with an average of 5 viewers per stream are constantly posting in LFG saying stuff like “So and so @ twitch TV! Just trying to help the community hehe 🙂 check out my stream to learn more! ” need to F off, you’re not trying to help the community you just want views. No one’s going to subscribe to you, stop clogging the LFG system with the ads, having to dig through 10 gold carries and another 10 stream ads if very annoying.

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