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World of Warcraft player finds hidden “secret” on original discs

A Reddit user discovered an interesting hidden feature in the original World of Warcraft Vanilla’s four-disc edition.

In the early days of gaming, one disk wasn’t enough. Installing a game needed three or more discs. Like the original World of Warcraft which started with four discs and later grew to five.

Recently, a Redditor found a cool Easter egg in the four-disc WoW version that many might have missed. Turns out, if you arrange the discs in a certain way, they create an illustration of a Titan Seal.

I never noticed that if you put the original WoW install discs together they form a Titan ring.
byu/Gamhuin inwow

You might wonder, didn’t the original version come with five discs? Well, yes and no. The initial release of the physical World of Warcraft Vanilla included only four discs. Blizzard later introduced a fifth disc containing additional patch content.

World of Warcraft features easter eggs in-game surprises, including nods to celebrity players. Blizzard has acknowledged its famous fans by introducing a new NPC named after Mila Kunis, who played an Human Mage, in the Lunarfall area.

Also you can visit The Elite Tauren Chieftain, named after a band comprising Blizzard employees, is Azeroth’s renowned rock band. They perform their popular song “Power of the Horde” at various locations.

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