WoW Player hits level cap without leaving tutorial area

A Dragonflight player has reached level 70 in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight without leaving Exile’s Reach.

Redditor Cheatcho was able to level up their Pandaren shaman to level 70 without leaving the tutorial ship that players spawn on at the start of Exile’s Reach, a new starting zone added in Shadowlands. However, because the ship lacks adversaries, collecting nodes, or other sources of experience, Cheatcho has to get inventive in order to level up and his secret was Pet Battles!

These quests can be completed on one character and then turned in on another. Each of these NPCs gave the Redditor five characters, which they finished before cashing in the experience on their Exile’s Reach character every day until they reached level 70. It took him almost 200 days and approximately 17 hours of gameplay time to complete.