Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Senior Game Producer asks players to respond: ‘Should we delay Gnomeregan by a week?’

Josh Greenfield, the Senior Game Producer, asked players on platform X if they want Gnomeregan right at the start or if they’re okay with a delay.

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2 will go live on February 8 and players can now grind from level 25 to 40. Phase 2 will also bring a new raid dungeon, Gnomeregan. Although it’s situated in alliance territory, Horde players of course can still explore and participate in the raid.

In theWoWCast, Greenfield also revealed that they are keeping the quests intact, redoing them, and, in many cases, they will be upgraded in rewards:

“One of the quests that the Horde has is to actually get a teleport from Stranglethorn Vale to Gnomeregan. And so, we’re going to maintain that quest. And like you said, it is an Alliance territory, so we’re gonna do a little something special for the Horde here, so that maybe they’re on an even playing field going that deep into Alliance zones.”

The Senior Game Producer posed a question on platform X: Should they postpone the release of Gnomeregan by a week, or should it be accessible right from the first day?

The tweet also discloses that Gnomeregan is set to be a 10-player raid, dispelling speculation among players who thought it might become a 20-player raid.

What do you think? Should the release of Gnomeregan be delayed to allow players to take their time leveling, or should the first week of the newest Phase always include the new raid?

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