WoW Tokens prices increased due to Diablo 4.

According to, Diablo 4 has impacted the prices of WoW Tokens in all regions.

WoW Tokens can be exchanged for Balance, and since Diablo 4 is very very popular right now, many people use the tokens to purchase Diablo-related items. As a result, the value of WoW Tokens in terms of gold has increased.

For the North American region, when Diablo 4 was released on June 6, the WoW Token was valued at 264,908 gold. Currently, it can be purchased for 285,926 gold. This means that within a month, the price has risen by 21,018 gold.

In Europe, the WoW Token is currently valued at 400,575 gold. When Diablo 4 was launched, it could be bought for 386,480 gold.

The WoW Token is a special item in World of Warcraft that gives players an extra 30 days of game time. It can be obtained by purchasing it with real money from the In-Game Shop. Players also have the option to sell WoW Tokens on the Auction House in exchange for gold, based on the current market price.

When a player buys a WoW Token with gold from the Auction House, they receive an actual item in their inventory, which becomes bound to their character and must be kept in their bags. It’s important to note that WoW Tokens cannot be stored in a bank or any other storage system.

To redeem a WoW Token for game time, players can use the item and it will provide them with 30 days of active gameplay. If a player’s account is currently inactive, they can still redeem a Token through the character select screen. If a player doesn’t have any Tokens, they have the option to purchase one directly from the character select screen using gold, with the cost deducted evenly from all characters on the chosen server.