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World of Warcraft’s 19th Anniversary: brand new Azure Worldchiller mount, XP & REP buff and more

The recent anniversary World of Warcraft event has just begun in Korea. Redditor Rosemansion222 has provided an overview of all the details. A 19% reputation buff, along with the Lil’ Frostwing pet and associated feats of strength.

A notable addition to the event is the new Azure Worldchiller mount obtained from Doomwalker. This mount, a frost variant of the 15th-anniversary Deathwing mount, is reportedly a guaranteed drop, according to Rosemansion’s observations. The event is set to commence later today for NA and EU realms, continuing until December 7th.

For players aiming to enhance their Dreambound Augment Rune, there’s good news. The 19% increase in reputation gains will significantly expedite the grinding process. Upon checking their mail, players will discover the annual Celebration Package, which, when used, grants a character a 19% reputation gain buff for the entire duration of the anniversary event.

The Wow 19th Anniversary event’s new items.
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