A Warcraft TV Show would be the best idea of 2024

Warcraft fans are longing for one thing and one thing only (not really but exagerating works): A Warcraft show with the big budget it deserves. Let’s take a look at why 2024 is the perfect moment to anounce a show about for example, the story of Arthas.

I was one of the people that thoroughly enjoyed the Warcraft movie when it released back in 2016. It was a joy to watch the characters we know and love come to life on the big screen and pinpoint all the little and big Easter eggs we could find. But since the movie didn’t make the numbers the production companies were hoping for, a sequel was never made, leaving fans like us, wanting for more. Even though I loved the movie I felt a tv show would be an even better fit for the Warcraft franchise and now seems the best time to launch one.

Recent shows have proven that gaming shows can be amazing

Historically, games weren’t the best medium to turn into television productions or movies, with some big misses over the years, with movies like Assassin’s Creed for example. The recent years have shown that it is in fact possible to make a very good show with a game as a basis. Recently The Last of Us on HBO has been amazing, winning multiple awards after translating the story of the game perfectly to the streaming service. In 2024 we are already looking forward at the Fallout show which will air over at Prime Video, hoping that will hit the mark just as The Last of Us did.

Meanwhile, streaming services are fighting for your attention and subscription, trying to learn while they go. The success of the The Last of Us didn’t go unnoticed and streamers are having more faith than ever in making gaming productions. Sony Entertainment already has shows in production about Horizon Zero Dawn over at Netflix and a God of War series over at Prime Video, showing the commitment for turning games into shows. This year seems a good time to add Warcraft to that roster.

Warcraft has some of the best fantasy storylines out there

One of the most important things you have to ask yourselves when making a series instead of a movie, is that it is necessary to give the story more time. And I do believe that is the case for the Warcraft universe. World of Warcraft has some of the most interesting storylines in gaming, with the best one being Arthas’ story. From being a young prince of Lordaeron, to becoming the Lich King. Putting this story into a movie would be a waste of the source material. This is a story that needs time and a budget and I do believe that an Arthas television series over at HBO Max would be a great combination. After we’ve seen what they can do with Game of Thrones, who knows what they could do with Warcraft.

Arthas as Warcraft character Arthas

Warcraft has the worldwide fan base to make a profit

In the recent years we also learned that Warcraft has one of the most insanely dedicated fan bases of all time. Players that are currently playing and even players that haven’t played for years, love Warcraft to some degree. Even after the movie didn’t do too well in the West, the fans in China made sure the movie made a profit by visiting the theater religiously. We also saw that the return of World of Warcraft Classic bring back a ton of old fans, that are eager to play any form of Warcraft, with Wrath of the Lich King, Classic Hardcore and Season of Discovery being a huge success. Gamers love Warcraft and they would love to watch a series on their favorite characters.

With the recent acquisition of Microsoft the company is looking to expand its portfolio

It is no secret anymore that Microsoft is looking into making movies and television shows on their biggest games. They started the Halo series which is already going into its second season and after their acquisition of Activision Blizzard, they must be looking into expanding their recent investment. A show about Warcraft, might just be the expansion they are looking for.

So all the ingredients are here, fans that want to watch more Warcraft stories, streaming services that are battling for attention, Microsoft looking into making more television productions and very good storylines that deserve to be told. Let’s hope the big streamers and Microsoft agree with us.