World of Warcraft The War Within

The War Within Account-Wide Leveling Rewards reveals up to 25% XP Boost

According to WoWHead, in World of Warcraft: The War Within, you can boost your XP by up to 25% until level 80 once you’ve leveled up five characters.

Yesterday, a lot of information has been released about World of Warcraft The War Within. BattleChat editor Nick Nijland attended a London event where Associate Design Director Mario Hamilton and World of Warcraft Vice President Holly Longdale unveiled a wealth of information about World of Warcraft: The War Within. Their insights shed light on the game’s vision and future, with the current state laying the groundwork for its evolution post-World Soul saga.

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Yesterday we also got more insight about Warbands. The Warbands system combine all characters, items, collections, and progress across a player’s account. The new welcome screen serves as a showcase for your favorite four characters. And yes, Horde and Alliance can coexist within the same Warband.

The Warcraft databank website WoWHead now found that reaching level 80 with multiple characters not only boosts experience for future ones but also unlocks a new Bank Toy!

Game director Ion Hazzikotas stated on the offical WoWCast that this year, all aspects will revolve around your account. “In 2004, WoW Launched with everything character-based. in 2024, WoW is going to shift to everything being account-based.”

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