Blizzard banned Diablo 4 accounts and fixed the seasonal exploit

This week, Blizzard promptly tackled a notable Diablo 4 exploit problem by fixing the glitch that allowed Seasonal and Eternal characters to create groups and trade possessions. As a result, trading markets encountered noteworthy inflation, and Eternal characters were enabled to acquire Seasonal items.

It appeared that players had the ability to switch between Eternal and Seasonal characters in Diablo 4. This was absolutely unintended and had the potential to result in bans. It entailed disconnecting your internet or unplugging your ethernet cable. Moving gold and items between different game realms was doable. This meant players could take powerful items and lots of gold to a specific realm and use or trade them with other players there.

Diablo 4

Blizzard’s Global Community Director, Adam Fletcher, confirmed the successful resolution of this issue within the present week. Furthermore, strict actions such as bans and suspensions were enforced against individuals who extensively exploited this vulnerability.

Hi all – I just wanted to let everyone know that this was addressed a few days ago in our last hotfix and hasn’t been present in the game since. We have also actioned on select accounts related to this incident. We appreciate everyone for bringing this to our attention.