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At the Xbox Showcase, Blizzard unveiled the Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred opening cinematic. We’ll learn more about Diablo IV’s new class, the Spiritborn, during a special livestream. Meanwhile, Diablo has a surprise gift for us.

The Spiritborn, Diablo 4’s newest class, is a jungle apex predator with unique battle styles and mystical synergies.

In Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred, players will explore Diablo 2’s jungle world, Nahantu, and confront Mephisto, the Prime Evil who abducted our comrade following the events of the base game. Blizzard has stated that the main storyline of Diablo 4 will only progress through major expansions, not seasonal updates. The DLC will release on October 8th this year

In Diablo 4, all players can acquire a new companion. Pets assist in picking up gold and materials, serving as your reliable sidekick. Now, you can claim Asheara the Canine Pet in-game for free!


Available in-game now, all players in Diablo IV can have a new companion to call their own. Aiding with Gold and Material pick-up, Pets will serve as your trusty sidekick throughout the dangerous world of Sanctuary.

Log-in now to receive a Quest in-game that unlocks Pets for your Character. Upon Completion, you’ll earn Asheara the Canine Pet in-game.

Pre-purchased Editions of Vessel of Hatred will instantly grant you Alkor the Snow Leopard Pet, Natalya the Tiger Pet, or Hlrati the Canine Pet, or get all three with the Ultimate Edition!

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