Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal devs about Diablo 4 crossover: “We meet with all the other Diablo teams on a regular basis”

During an interview with Dextero.com, Ryan Quinn and John Yoo, key developers of Diablo Immortal, discussed the game’s future and talked about the new class: Tempest.

Diablo Immortal is a mobile version of Diablo that you can play anywhere in the world with a smartphone and a 5G or WiFi connection. This month, Blizzard introduced a new class called Tempest, which is a mix of the Blood Knight and Monk classes.

In an interview with Dextero, the developers also discussed the future of Diablo and the potential for a crossover with Diablo 4 featuring the new Tempest class:

“While we can’t confirm we’ll do anything [Diablo 4 related] with the Tempest or their homeland, what I will say is we meet with all the other Diablo teams on a regular basis. We’re all trying to enlarge and make the world of Sanctuary feel more special.

As we started talking about the Blood Knight, you saw some of the early results of that with Diablo 4’s Season of Blood. We have been talking to them about the Tempest for a hot minute, whether or not another Diablo team wants to do something with that is entirely up to them. But we ping-pong ideas back and forth constantly in both directions.”

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