Blizzard brings popular Diablo 4 Beta feature back in Patch 1.1.0

Let’s be honest, the new Diablo 4 patch isn’t really a hit. Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher has announced a Campfire Chat this Friday to discuss the changes in 1.1.0. But not everything is bad, because Blizzard has quietly brought back the “Reset Dungeons” feature in Diablo 4, which was initially praised for its convenience during beta testing but later removed due to unexpected issues. Despite no official announcement in the patch notes or blog posts, players have discovered its return in the game and confirmed its functionality.

Diablo 4 Dungeons Reset

With the latest Patch 1.1.0 changes affecting monster scaling in Normal Dungeons, this re-introduced feature allows players to complete a dungeon, exit, and then instantly reset it with no cooldown. This means that players can repeatedly run the same Nightmare Dungeon without any waiting time. Additionally, if this reset option applies to Malignant Tunnels, it could make farming Malignant Hearts significantly easier. Overall, the community is excited about the feature’s return and hopes it stays in the game this time.