Diablo 4

Blizzard confirms discounts in Diablo 4 store

Blizzard has verified on the official Diablo forum that, in response to player input, there will be more discounted items in the shop for Diablo 4 in the future.

The Diablo store gained attention for its high prices during The Season of the Construct launch, with the introduction of items like the Beckoning Thunder Mount Bundle at 39.99 USD. Additionally, the $30 price for different portal colors didn’t sit well with many players, the bundle, priced at $20, includes 1000 platinum valued at $10. However, having $10 in game-specific currency isn’t equivalent to real money. A lot of people think the asking price is too high for what’s being offered, and they find it ridiculous to restrict the content based on character classes:

In response to feedback, PezRadar confirmed on the official Diablo forum that the product team has heard the concerns and plans to offer more discounted items in the upcoming weeks/months.

PezRadar - (source)

Just want to note that no existing items have had price increases.

The product team though has been hearing the feedback and it may take a little bit but there will be some more discounted items available in the coming weeks/months and we have some changes to announce regarding some other items like the Portal Pack here soon.

What’s a reasonable discount for cosmetics? Comment your thoughts below!