Blizzard has caught de DDOS attackers

Blizzard has caught the culprit that attacked the World of Warcraft Classic servers last week. The company released an official statement regarding the incident. Together with law enforcement they found and caught the attacker within a few days. Who it was, or what is punishment will be, is unclear at this time.

You can check out Blizzard’s message below.

Hello everyone. We wanted to return to this subject and put some closure on it. As always, It is our top priority to resolve any issues that prevent players from having a smooth gameplay experience.

Immediately after the Distributed Denial of Service attacks against our game service began, the Blizzard Security Team worked around the clock with local and international law enforcement agencies to track down the source of the DDoS. It is our understanding that, within a few days, authorities were able to successfully identify and arrest a suspect.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding.