Blizzard is open to making new Warcraft Movies

Warcraft Director John Hight has stated in an interview with IGN that he is open to making new Warcraft movies, but Blizzard won’t be the one making them. In an interview during the Game Developers Conference with IGN, Hight discusses the possibility of making another Warcraft movie, which he is not opposed to.

The gaming industries sees a lot of multimedia productions the last couple of years. Recently we saw The Last of Us be a huge success and soon we get to watch the Fallout series on Amazon Prime, to see if that show also manages to get high ratings. While Hight is open to another movie, he doesn’t want Blizzard to make them: “We make games and I think that games will always be our core, and so Warcraft will be centered around that,” he told IGN and added: “I don’t want to fall into the trap of ‘I will be a filmmaker now.’ I think leave that to the folks that really know what they’re doing. If we can find talent in other areas doing media that have that shared love and passion for Warcraft, absolutely.

Hight is not only open to the idea, he already thinks about how to make it work, by finding the right partners: “There are so many professionals who have been doing this for so many years, [and] there could be dozens if not a hundred films that can execute so much better. I wouldn’t have somebody that only made movies come in and try and build a game like Warcraft, right? So I think finding those partnerships is the right approach.”

The Warcraft Movie released in 2016 and got mixed reviews. While the movie eventually managed to turn a profit, it was the Chinese audience that managed to get the most ticket sales in the theaters, raising the box office earnings. While a new movie might be the most obvious next step for the Warcraft franchise, a TV-show seems the more logical step. TV-shows like The Last of Us and Halo show us that the huge stories that games have, are best suited to be delivered in a tv-show format.

What do you think, is Hight already working with partners on the next Warcraft movie?