Blizzard responds to Season of Discovery Content draught

Blizzard has responded about the recent Season of Discovery content draught that left fans guessing about the future of the special Classic version of World of Warcraft. WoW Classic Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield took to Twitter/X to talk about why they haven’t talked to the community in a while, all the while Blizzard is releasing a ton of content for Cataclysm Classic and Retail World of Warcraft.

A ton of players have been worried after Phase 4 got delayed, making Phase 3 longer than expected. With the release of Cataclysm, player numbers have been decreasing, making it harder and harder to find groups in servers.

Here is what Josh had to say:

Yeah I feel ya. The truth is we aren’t saying a lot because we are just heads down working on it, implementing, testing, and iterating. I could post something like “still working on it!” every day but I don’t know how much value that would have without more substance curated to share. Curating said info to present is itself pretty time consuming too, so we don’t want to overindex on the time someone like myself spends on gathering the info for that and making it presentable, vs. other things that need to be done for the release.

Additionally, a huge focus of Phase 4 is adjusting our existing plans based on feedback and lessons learned so that we go into phase 4 as strong as we can. Communicating intent or specifics too early or hastily could be harmful or at least confusing later on, especially if we are midway through a redesign or change to an existing plan based on feedback we’ve recieved.

For now however, the outwards communications focus for the classic side of wow is Cata because things are actively happening on live there. Raids opening today being a big one. SoD is cruising along and it’ll have its turn next to have the spotlight.

We do really appreciate the patience and know that if SoD is your main game, you might be hungry for info and feel frustrated because another verison of classic/modern exists and it’s perceived to be getting more attention from us in terms of who is actually working on it. It doesn’t really work that way though. You can be assured that we are continuing to and never stopped working on SoD and are excited to get to a point where we can talk about it.

Thank you!

As expected, Blizzard is hard at work to make Phase 4 a success and we have to be patient for the next update. In the meantime, we can anjoy Cataclism Classic, since the raids are opening!

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