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Blizzard wants player input on merging realms in World of Warcraft Classic

Tom Ellis (Senior Game Producer for World of Warcraft) has recently discussed Blizzard’s thoughts on merging realms in Wrath Classic before Cataclysm Classic arrives. Seeking player input, they’ve introduced a concept they’re considering.

Blizzard is considering merging realms in World of Warcraft Wrath Classic ahead of the Cataclysm launch, potentially merging Faerlina-US and Benediction-US, which are heavily dominated by one faction each. They are hesitant about implementing faction balancing due to concerns about player retention.

They seek player input on this proposal:

In the Twitter thread, Ellis has confirmed that World of Warcraft realm consolidation for Wrath in all regions will be coming soon, players can expect adjustments facilitating transfers from low-population servers to more active ones.

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  1. Pleaseeee merge them! But balance the horde/alliance as even as possible. No one wants a one sided server!