Destiny 2 Frontiers

BREAKING: Bungie teases 2025 Destiny 2 codename “Frontiers”

During a special premiere on the official Destiny 2 YouTube channel, Bungie announced the codename Frontiers for 2025.

In the special Destiny 2 event “The Journey Ahead,” Bungie outlines what’s coming in Year 10 and Year 11. The first episode, “Echoes,” is set on Nessus, where an echo has transformed the landscape, causing the Vex to behave strangely. Your fireteam must defeat them in the Arena: Breach mode.

Episode 2, titled “Revenant,” focuses on the Fallen, who are seeking a new home after the loss of their planet Riis. In this episode, players can become a Slayer Baron, a prominent monster hunter in Eliksni culture. Also Fikrul returns with an echo to build his army of Darkness.

Episode 3, “Heresy,” revisits the Dreadnaught and centers on the Hive, with developers promising to give it a new purpose.

To conclude, Bungie hinted at Year 11 with the codename “Frontiers,” details of which will be revealed later.



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