Destiny 2 The Final Shape Story is “much better” than Lightfall

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is set to launch within a week. To build excitement, Bungie has released a launch trailer, and some media outlets have had the opportunity to play the new and sadly final Destiny DLC.

In Destiny 2, The Final Shape marks the culmination of a decade-long odyssey. Introducing the Prismatic subclass that blends elements of Darkness and Light. The Final Shape also setting the stage for Guardians to confront a new enemy known as The Dread after ten years of battles.

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Storywise, the latest DLC wasn’t particularly impressive. In fact, it was the worst we’ve experienced in the game. However, things are expected to improve with The Final Shape. The initial impressions are promising, though somewhat mixed.

“The story is much better than Lightfall in terms of composition, but pacing in terms of gameplay feels… off.” Destin Legarie wrote on IGN.

Also GamesRadar reported that The Final Shape features a massively improved campaign. Based on these initial hands-on impressions, it appears that Bungie has truly nailed it in wrapping up Destiny 2. The Final Shape might be the last DLC, but the game will continue, though its future state is uncertain.

In the livestream preview of The Final Shape Developer Gameplay (april 2024,) Luke Smith, the Executive Creative Director of Destiny 2, opened the stream with a speech addressing all guardians regarding Destiny’s future.

“The Final Shape is the culmination of a ten-year journey. A journey that began at the Cosmodrome, took you to the Moon, Venus, Mars, the Reef, and beyond. It’s a journey that will end inside the Traveler, with you facing The Witness. However, facing The Witness is not the end of Destiny 2, and it’s definitely not the end of Destiny. After you have faced The Witness, we’re going to reveal what’s coming next for Destiny 2 and beyond. We’ll see you soon.”