Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Final Shape introduces new enemy race: “The Dread”

Bungie announces that after a decade, Destiny 2 will finally introduce brand new enemies.

The Dread is a new enemy faction that can actually fly. Despite being a brand new enemy, we have encountered this enemy before: The Tormentor, but it was just the first one.

The Grim, also known as the “Gun Bat,” is one of the most noteworthy new enemies that has never been seen in Destiny before. During The Final Shape livestream, Dave Samuel (Art Director) revealed that The Grim is the first flying character with actual wings.

The Grim has the ability to use a screech, which suppresses your abilities and slows you down for a few seconds.

Bungie is also introducing The Husk, a melee bruiser with two melee weapons that will slice and dice while performing acrobatic moves.

Even if you are able to defeat a Husk, you better kill it in the right way because otherwise a Geist will hunt and seek you out.

The Weaver and TheĀ Attendant are the new standing and Stasis enemies. These enemies were designed to show the influence of Darkness powers. And yes, they can inflict a lot of damage with their Strand ability and freeze you.

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