Valorant Closed Capture event in progress and ‘Valorant closed beta will begin on April 7th’

It is beginning to look like Valorant’s beta will begin on April 7. In addition, there is currently a closed Beta event for content creators and streamers hosted by Riot Games. A player named Slasher clearly shares his thoughts on the game on his twitter account early impressions on Valorant …

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Valorant beta leaked on official Riot Games website

Valorant beta might be just around the corner! A link has leaked from the official Riot Games website, that features the beta installer. the Valorant beta client and Vanguard anti-cheat has been found publicly available to download on Riot's website no you cannot log into Valorant without a whitelisted account …

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Riot Releases Valorant Character Trailer named Sage

Riot Games has released a new¬†Valorant¬†trailer for a character named Sage on Twitter One of her support abilities is Healing Orb which can heal herself or an ally to full health. Her second ability is a Slowing Orb which hits the ground and slows enemies. Moira mains will likely enjoy …

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