Diablo 4

Claim free mount bundle with Amazon Prime for Diablo 4

Prime Gaming members can now enjoy the latest monthly perks from Diablo 4: Death’s Burden Mount Bundle.

Unlike previous offerings of the Diablo 4 Season Pass skips, this time around, members receive a complimentary shop mount known as the Death’s Burden Mount Bundle. This bundle, with a Shop value of 800 Platinum (approximately $7.99 USD), includes three items: Bonemail, Morgan’s Cage, and Mort.

Afbeelding van De Last van de Dood Stijgt-bundel van Diablo IV

For those interested in securing this bundle, the opportunity is open until January 18, 2024, giving players a little over a month to claim their rewards.

Currently the Midwinter Blight in Diablo IVholiday-themed event has started, and will continue until January 2, 2024. This event features unique currencies, rewards, and encounters exclusively available for participants.