Diablo 4

Diablo 4 devs drop hints about the secret cow level: ‘Hang on to your cow campaign items’

In Diablo 4, players are still on the hunt for the hidden cow level. During BlizzCon 2023, IGN spoke with the game’s production developer, Tiffany Wat, and associate game director, Joe Piepiora. They dropped some hints, keeping the cow level hunt alive. Wat suggested that players who’ve collected items during their “cow slay-age campaign” might be on the right track and advised them to hang on to these items.

The items in question are the Bloody Wooden Shard, Musky Tome, and Metallic Fragment. Players need to defeat three sets of 666 cows, with the final kill happening in specific regions. Each round of cow-slaying results in a dropped relic. Using these relics in Ken Bardu provides a key for Forlorn Hovel, where 28 cows await. Defeating them yields stamina potions, a nod to Diablo 2’s Cow King. Despite this progress, the search for the cow level seems to have hit a pause.

Diablo 2 fans fondly recall the Secret Cow Level, an area with killer Hell Bovines and a powerful Cow King. They chanted “moo” and posed a challenge to players. This level made a comeback in Diablo 3, but in Diablo 4, it hasn’t been spotted yet. Despite this, there’s some evidence hinting at its presence or a potential arrival in the future. Let’s dive into what we currently know about the Secret Cow Level in Diablo 4.

Since Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson stated at Kinda Funny that the team aimed to keep Diablo 4 grounded and denied the existence of a secret level, things have changed. Surprisingly, hope for the hidden cow level has only grown stronger with each new discovery.