Vessel of Hatred

Diablo 4 Director about the future of Vessel of Hatred and Level Cap Increase

At BlizzCon 2023, MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus interviewed Diablo 4 leaders Joe Piepiora and Tiffany Wat about the new expansion, Vessel of Hatred, the game’s current status, and its future.

In Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred, players will explore Diablo 2’s jungle world, Nahantu, and confront Mephisto, the Prime Evil who abducted our comrade following the events of the base game. Blizzard has stated that the main storyline of Diablo 4 will only progress through major expansions, not seasonal updates. There’s speculation about this new class, called “Spiritborn,” which has a nature-themed focus and wields a glaive. MeinMMO asked if there are any plans to bring back old favorites like Monk, Witch Doctor, or Crusader.

“When we think about a new class, we have to consider a few things” Joe Piepiora started. “On one hand, what is the gameplay niche of this class, purely mechanically? What sets it apart from what other classes can already do? […] On the other hand, it’s about the true fantasy of this class, making it feel distinct and unique. As Tiffany mentioned earlier, with Diablo 4, we were focused on honoring the legacy. We really wanted to ensure that some of the core fantasies players experienced throughout the Diablo games properly return in Diablo 4. […]. These [class fantasies] are very strong themes around which we can build skills and unique gameplay that supports them. And they also support the ideas we have when it comes to how the classes play mechanically. Whenever we think about what to add to Diablo 4 – be it a new or returning class – we think about the space that class should fill. How does it feel special? And importantly, does it encroach on the space of another class? […] When Vessel of Hatred comes out, there will be updates for [all classes]. We will continue to improve them. And we want all these things to continue to harmonize as they grow.”

Vessel of Hatred

MeinMMO inquired about the potential increase in the maximum level, but the developers refrained from discussing it at this time. Therefore, it remains uncertain whether the Vessel of Hatred will result in a raised level cap for characters.
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