Diablo 4 free Vermilion Transmog: How to claim The Vemilion pack with Prime Gaming

Exciting news for Diablo 4 fans as a brand-new Prime Gaming bundle has just landed! The enticing Vermilion Pack introduces an array of transmog options specially tailored for crossbows and off-hand items.

Within this bundle, players will discover the coveted Dark Tome, tailored exclusively for the discerning Sorcerers and Necromancers. Meanwhile, the Vermilion Bolt Thrower awaits Rogues, promising them unparalleled power and style.

The best part? These incredible items are up for grabs absolutely free, but there’s a catch. To access the Dark Tome and Vermilion Bolt Thrower, you’ll need an active Amazon Prime Subscription. But don’t worry if you’re already a member; these exclusive treasures have been yours for the taking since a few days ago!

Diablo 4

To claim The Vemilion Pack, go to the official Prime Gaming pack page.

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