Diablo 4’s Hidden Zones Revealed in Steam Version

In a recent discovery by Wowhead, two zones (The Teganze Plains and Torajan Jungles) in Diablo 4 have been found through the localization strings in the Steam version of the game. These hidden spots were discovered on SteamDB, a website that gathers a bunch of gaming info.

Out of all the areas listed on SteamDB, only two don’t exist in the current version of Diablo 4: Teganze Plains and Torajan Jungles. Interestingly, these names aren’t new – they were first seen in the early public beta versions of the game. These localization strings are used to show where players are in Sanctuary on the Battle.net friend list and for other game-related stuff.

The Torajan Jungles, also known as Toraja, constitute a section of the Sanctuary world. Situated in the southern portion of Sanctuary, specifically southwest of Kurast, the Torajan Jungles encompass a vast expanse, extending from the southern regions of Sanctuary up to the borders of Kehjistan. Teganze forms a part of the Torajan Jungles and is divided into both an upper and lower region.

BlizzCon Diablo 4 expansion announcement?

Given the initial difficulties that Diablo 4 faced with its seasonal content approach, Blizzard could be looking to make a big splash at BlizzCon by announcing the game’s first major expansion. Blizzard has been clear about its plans to introduce annual content expansions for Diablo 4, similar to the model used in Destiny 2. This expansion might also introduce the yet-undisclosed zones, such as The Torajan Jungles and Teganze Plains.

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