Bethesda Loses Key Executive Pete Hines


Peter Hines, a key figure in the creation of games like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Starfield, is leaving Bethesda, where he worked for 24 years. Hines, who was recently in charge of publishing and held the position of senior vice president at the company, said that although it was a …

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Elon Musk Announces Diablo 4 Stream on X

Diablo 4

Tomorrow, Elon Musk, the former Twitter boss, will be live-streaming himself playing Diablo 4. He’s doing this to test how well the live-streaming on his platform can handle it, and he’s taking on a challenging Tier 99 Nightmare Dungeon “speedrun” without using any Malignant Hearts, as per requests from fans. …

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World of Warcraft 17th Anniversary Rewards

The 17 year anniversary of World of Warcraft event will start at the end of this year (November), but Icy-veins.com has already found what we can unlock! The first item is a toy Doomwalker Trophy Stand summons a trophy signifying your defeat of the Doomwalker. The second reward is the Illidari Doomhawk mount. “Once …

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Darkmoon Faire is coming to Classic this week

The Darkmoon Faire is coming to World of Warcraft: Classic later this week. The faire will set-up shop in Mulgore this month, and will come to Elwyn Forrest at the start of March. Darkmoon Faire in Classic WoW is a bit different than in Retail. The Faire starts in the …

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