World of Warcraft The War Within

World of Warcraft teases revival of Archaeology

World of Warcraft recently hinted at the possible comeback of Archaeology in The War Within and the Worldsoul Saga. Although it might undergo changes from its previous form, the game is exploring ways to bring back this profession, which has been neglected for over seven years without updates.

Archaeology was introduced as a secondary profession in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, allowing players to discover relics, learn about lore, achieve goals, and obtain special cosmetics and mounts. Unfortunately, there were no additions to Archaeology in the subsequent expansions, including Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands, or Dragonflight, leaving the profession untouched for more than seven years.

In a recent BlizzCon Q&A video, Ion Hazzikostas acknowledged players’ desire for Archaeology’s return in The War Within expansion. He mentioned that while the original version of Archaeology, with its unpopular triangulation minigame, wouldn’t come back in that form, the team was actively seeking alternative ways to capture the essence of the old profession.

“When we look at Archaeology, we understand the desire for, and the interest in, both the fantasy of uncovering and unearthing aspects of Azeroth’s history and the cultures that have lived here for centuries or thousands of years. We’re looking for different vehicles, different outlets, for that gameplay and those rewards,”

Fans are eagerly anticipating the potential return of Archaeology in World of Warcraft. Many players were disappointed when it disappeared in Battle for Azeroth, especially given its potential in zones like Kul Tiras, Zandalar, and Nazjatar. Despite the absence of a revival in the latest expansion, players now have renewed optimism for a fresh approach to Archaeology in future updates, even if it won’t be exactly as it was before.