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Diablo 4 Devs Surprised by Max Level Grind

The Diablo 4 team is surprised that lots of players really want to hit level 100. When they revealed the first Diablo IV expansion, Vessel of Hatred, at Blizzcon 2023, PCGamesN asked the team about what surprised them about player behavior since the game launched. Turns out, a bunch of players are super focused on reaching that level 100 goal.

Diablo 4 director Joe Shely is happy that players are loving the Season of Blood, and he assured everyone that it won’t get tougher. Players are loving this change. When asked about what surprised them in player reactions, production director Tiffany Wat mentioned how the community’s response was different from what the team expected initially.

“One thing that was interesting to see was just how many players have that drive to reach the max level of 100 on all of their characters. For a lot of players this was their main goal, not just hunting for the best gear, and the feedback we received was that it felt like too much of a slog to reach the pinnacle level.”

Diablo 4

At level 50 in Diablo 4, your character stops learning new skills, similar to the old cap in Diablo 3. Levels 50 to 100 now act like the Paragon system, giving you a total of 200 Paragon points (four per level) for your endgame Diablo 4 boards. This makes reaching level 100 a more straightforward goal compared to the less clear Paragon system in Diablo 3.

“We recently made a big change to leveling by substantially increasing the amount of experience gain players earn based on that feedback. Now the leveling experience is much quicker and reaching level 100 feels so much more rewarding and achievable.” shared with PCGamesN by Tiffany Wat

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